Tax reform, GOP style

For reasons I still have yet to fathom, it’s only been since the Democrats took Congress (and doubly true since Obama was elected) that Republicans have decided that massive budget cuts and government downsizing are the issues of import. I could posit a number of theories, the most cynical of which being that the GOP has seen the rise of the Tea Party and wants to court those voters, but the “why” is less important than the “what the hell are they doing”.

In this case, it’s proposing the most outrageous tax reform I’ve ever seen. As TP reports, there’s the standard issue dismantling of Medicare (didn’t Republicans attack “Obamacare” by saying it would do just that?), but the tax shuffling is just amazing. I hope you aren’t drinking anything, ’cause you’re gonna spit it at the computer.

That’s right. Not only will this budget result in a revenue loss, but it requires a massive tax hike on the middle and lower class brackets. An extra two grand per year if you make between 20 and 30 thousand. It’s all part of the Republican Party’s “Fuck the Poor” campaign.

Keep in mind this is the party that continually claims to be the champion of the working class. The blue-collar, red-blooded Americans who work hard day in and day out. Well, those people can just go cram it up their sweaty asses, because ol’ Ryan here thinks they should have their taxes shoot up a good bit.

The flip-side of this argument would be that this kind of tax outlining encourages people to move upward, whereas the “Obama” tax brackets pissed people off to the point that they would misguidedly attempt not to earn more money. So obviously this is good! It encourages upward movement, and puts pressure on people to better their situations, rewarding them with lower taxes for earning more. You know, because in our idealistic fantasy land, all you need is a little gumption and elbow grease to start earning six figures a year, the lowest bracket at which you’ll see a tax cut.


One response to “Tax reform, GOP style

  1. To Republicans, the rich are too poor and the poor are too rich. Also, “I got mine, so screw you.”

    The thing is that this is giong to hit the baggers where they live. Most are on government programs because they’re poor and sick. And the baggers are going to blame the Government, not the Republicans, for it.

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