I'm back!

Whew. Sorry about that, folks. Got me a Macbook, so getting things all situated there. A lot happening now, so posting will resume at a greater pace.

Thank you for your patience. It’s the readership that keeps me going.


4 responses to “I'm back!

    • Glad to be here. Doubly glad that there are still people who give a damn about my little corner of the web.

      I really should “hire” a team…

  1. Welcome back! And you don’t really need a team — you should just count your blessings that we all respect you enough to behave in your absence. There have been times that when you weren’t watching we could easily have turned into a chair-throwing, screeching, name-calling mob of raving lunatics. Well, at least 2 of us could have. We know who we are 😉

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