Hey, so, Libya's on fire, huh?

While I was computer-free, looks like Libya took a turn for the insane. By now, the variously-spelled Gaddafi has promised a “long war” should the West start taking military action, which they damn sure did. And things are going to get colorful.

First up, the ever-vindictive right is proving quick to label this “Obama’s war” and take potshots whenever possible, as we’ll see from FOX Nation.

On Saturday, President Obama while visiting Brazil launched a United Nations war without obtaining Congressional approval. We all must remember how the left crucified President George W. Bush over a 9 month debate concerning war with Iraq. This debate included multiple UN Resolutions and a Multi-National Force composed of dozens of nations. Many refer to this time of debate as a “rush to war.” Yesterday however, President Obama approved the launch of Tomahawk missiles effectively engaging us in a Libyan civil war.

Correct? Incorrect? Truthfully I’m actually siding with the conservatives on this one. I have to wonder what in the world we’re doing involving ourselves with Libya. We have no real personal stake in the country aside from a small chunk of oil, and you can’t say we’re being purely altruistic since if that were our goal we’d be doing a hell of a lot more elsewhere in the world.

What’s the strategy here? The point? The goal?

The Arab League hasn’t been sitting on its hands either, they’re all pissed off and quick to point out that this is quite different than their call for a No-Fly Zone over the oil-laden African nation.

“What has happened in Libya differs from the goal of imposing a no-fly zone and what we want is the protection of civilians and not bombing other civilians,” Arab League secretary general Amr Mussa told reporters.

“From the start we requested only that a no-fly zone be set up to protect Libyan civilians and avert any other developments or additional measures,” Mussa added.

What might make them happy is that we effectively have an NFZ going now.

The problem is that without a clear reason why we’re involving ourselves in another country’s domestic dispute, it makes the entire enterprise baffling at best and hypocritical at worst. This was an administration that swept in under the banner of “GTFO of everyone else’s business,” yet here we are doing just that, and without a clear explanation of any kind of a domestic interest. No good, no good.

I dunno, maybe I missed something along the way, any votes, you guys?


One response to “Hey, so, Libya's on fire, huh?

  1. There’s not really much comparison. Involvement in Libya is a widely and sanctioned U.N. effort to protect civilians from being massacred by their mad ruler. The strikes have been against anti-aircraft systems. I think it’s okay to support this one. It’s not unilateral; it’s not the U.S. just not minding its goddamn business. It’s kind of a good thing.

    Remember, everything that comes from FOX nation has to be put through the stupid filter.

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