Quick Question

When/why did everyone suddenly decide Jesus was coming back this May?


5 responses to “Quick Question

  1. Quick question back atya:

    If he did come back do you think the religious Republican right would recognize a swarthy-skinned, commie-socialist-leaning, dirty-hippie type as their savior?

    Mwahahahah… oh, man, I crack me up!

  2. Don’t worry, if he doesn’t make it this May…he’ll be coming next year. Or the next one….just keep the faith!!! Oh and if the world doesn’t end in 2012, it just means we’re off by a year or two…just keep waiting for it!!! You know…because….what else have you got to live for???

  3. The “We Can Know” crackpots? Damned if I understand them; I just wish someone were going to be running cameras on them on the day of. Or that they’d donate all their money/belongings the day before, since they “know” that they’re going to be raptured (that is what they think, right?). Or both, preferably.

  4. They’re trying to get their world-changing Apocalypse in before the Heathen Mayan’s do.

  5. Happy 8th anniversary in Iraq! 10 more years and this war will be able to legally buy cigarettes!

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