A letter from the GOP

h/t Rechan

In these tough economic times, we need everyone to make a sacrifice. We need everyone to share the pain. We are all in this together, and everyone must be willing to suffer for the greater good. So we are going to make some cuts-

Poor people, we are going to cut food stamps, Medicaid, family services (including Planned parenthood), HEAP, and many if not all other programs that you use.

Teachers, social workers, Police, firemen – we will be cutting your numbers, pay and benefits.

Students (and parents of students), we will be cutting financial aid (and of course the above mentioned teachers).

Veterans, we will be cutting veteran services, health care and mental health assistance.

Disabled people, we will be cutting support services and staff used to provide those services.

Senior citizens, we will be cutting social security and Medicare, along with assisted living support and the above mentioned HEAP.

And finally, for the wealthy, we will be cutting your taxes. Everyone has to give up something in these trying times.


P.S. for our corporate friends, we will not just cut your taxes, but also cut many of those rules and regulations also. We appreciate your sacrifice.


2 responses to “A letter from the GOP

  1. Outstanding.

    Meanwhile, back here in AZ, we have new bills introduced to:
    -make it illegal to drive in AZ if you’re in AZ illegally;
    -require hospital ER’s to check the citizenship status of patient’s, and report them to INS if they’re here illegally;
    -refuse public education to children of illegals (hello, SCOTUS?);
    -designate the Colt .45 revolver the official state gun of Arizona;
    -allow students to pack heat on campus (no more VT’s, no sir);
    -and on and on.
    NOTHING about jobs. Let them eat cake?

  2. The Klanservative Klanbagging Kooks are a bunch of whiny children who are going to use their brief appearance on the center stage to exact revenge on every “they” that they ever got pissed off at.

    We didn’t vote, and they got their way. Hopefully we just learned something.

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