K-Mart, of all places, responds to FOX.

Due to a child’s sensitivity and potential impact a video game can have on the person they will become, it is imperative that parents actively monitor this behavior and engage with them when gaming. A game’s context that is both mature and not directed at them cannot be understood or interpreted in the manner in which it should which could lead to potential damage. I know I will not let my son watch any mature content whether on TV or video games until I know that he can interpret this activity in a constructive way.

Exactly. If a kid gets fucked up from playing Bulletstorm, the first question should be why the parents were so uninvolved that they were unaware that he was a) playing the game; b) so affected by it.

As with so many things, people act as though parents are helpless in the face of these awful games/movies/music/whatever.


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  1. Yes, video games will affect them-but white trash grifter politicians plastering their websites with crosshairs wouldn’t bother a soul.

    Do these people ever, EVER, stop to think about how utterly f’ing STUPID some of their arguments are?

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