Man with explosives outside Mosque

But remember, it’s only terrorism if it’s done by brown people, not to them.

Stockham had been heard by an employee of a Detroit bar making anti-Muslim remarks, including “describing Muslims as the enemy.” The employee took down Stockham’s license plate and alerted police. When they found him in the mosque parking lot, police found a concealed knife on Stockham and a large amount of fireworks, including M-80 exlposives, in the trunk of his car, Walid says.

He adds that he heard Stockham had praised Timothy McVeigh as a hero; but that and the other details could not be independently confirmed.

Once again, I’m unable to shake the memory of all the right-wingers howling that the DoD reports of potential violence as “targeting”.

Just in the past year, we’ve seen so much. I’m not saying for conservatives to disavow their core beliefs (at least, not in this case), but if they can’t see what their rhetoric is doing, then I genuinely worry that this will get much, much worse before it gets better.


2 responses to “Man with explosives outside Mosque

  1. He probably read “Animal Farm” in high school so he’s a tree-hugging, left winger 😉

    Actually, this is another one of those sad cases (left or right) where a disturbed person is figuratively screaming “I’m insane! Someone stop me! Look at me!” A sane person with the same agenda wouldn’t be broadcasting their intent all over the place. They’d sneak in quietly and do as much damage as possible.

    But I take your point. You really do have to wonder how many of these people are pushed to action by the tinfoil hat brigade’s constant message of gloom and doom – the government is out to getcha and kill your granny and steal your ammo and give all your money away and put you in a detainment camp unless you’re a black Kenyan socialist.

    • Oh absolutely. I’m in no way saying that right-wingers are murderous, just that right-wing rhetoric is stirring the already unhinged into doing crazy things.

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