I won't do a point-by-point of the SOTU…

But I’ll tell you a few of my thoughts in brief.

  1. I really didn’t like the phrase “win the future”. It makes it sound like prosperity is a competition against other countries.
  2. Overall I’m reminded of JFK’s speech when he talked about putting a man on the moon. That ambitious, and that focused on American exceptionalism.
  3. The salmon thing was a good one.
  4. I’m still unable to to shake the feeling that the SOTU is nothing more than grandstanding.
  5. It’s really weird to have a president that doesn’t try to scare us in his SOTU addresses.
  6. Apparently Joe Biden has no idea when to clap. Either that or it’s hard to figure out when Obama’s done talking.
  7. I’ll bet the right will still say Obama doesn’t believe in the strength of the United States, despite that somewhere around 104% of the speech kept talking about our ability to innovate, work hard, etc.
  8. Strictly speaking, this wasn’t really the “state of the union” so much as “my first 2012 campaign speech.”
  9. The above is true, even if Obama did drop a perfunctory “hey we just got over an election, let’s not think about that.”
  10. I’m not really sure the Chilean miner analogy worked.
  11. When the president delivers a speech that’s solely about cooperation and working together, and then he’s still attacked with divisive language later, that says more about the opposition than it says about him.

I don’t know, these things don’t really grip me any more. It’s a fine display, but there’s rarely anything mindblowing.


2 responses to “I won't do a point-by-point of the SOTU…

  1. Thought you may be interested to see this: http://mediamatters.org/mmtv/201101260007

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