Everyone raises a stink about atheist billboards…

But I haven’t seen any media frenzy over this:


22 responses to “Everyone raises a stink about atheist billboards…

  1. That’s because they all know that crimes are only committed by agnostics and atheists and anyone non-Christian. Well, unless, of course, you’re a pedophile priest or an especially hypocritical, religious, family-values Republican – then “crime” doesn’t apply to anything you do, and god loves you just the way you are. Remember: guns don’t kill people, heathens do. ::eyeroll:: Logic has never been required or encouraged in most religion – and this billboard is a case in point.

    • It’s funny. When you talk like that, bitch, I can’t help but wonder how many people, thinking they’re “above” traditional religion, have really just replaced it with a religious belief in the Church of Marxism.

      • That is without doubt the most idiotic thing I’ve seen typed anywhere in a long, long time. You actually prove my point about religion requiring an immense lack of reasoning ability. Thanks. 😉

        ps – I chose the name MrsBitch for a reason. Why would you think I’d care what someone like you thinks of me? Your entertainment value aside, of course.

      • I hear that kind of thing a lot, actually. People accuse me of clinging to Dawkins, or Darwin, or Marx, or whoever else “the same way” that religious people follow Jesus and the Bible.

      • You do realize that Marxism, evolution, or whatever else have no infallible deities, right? People who cling to their ideals with fervor do so solely out of a true belief in the doctrine itself, not obeisance to the person who wrote them down.

        If God said that on every Saturday you had to hit yourself in the head with a hammer, you’d have to do it because God said so. If Karl Marx said that, even people who agree with socialism would go “no that’s just stupid” and ignore it.

      • Marxism is the true belief in a doctrine which has been refuted six ways from Sunday by basic economics. Please stop trying to tell me it’s not a religion — the only thing it has going for it is the faith of the people who aren’t already suffering under it.

  2. Because clearly, most violent crimes are committed by atheists. Clearly.

  3. Well, once you establish that right and wrong are completely arbitrary, relativistic concepts, the only criteria left for pulling the trigger is “whether you’ll get caught.” And in that light, the gun is technically pointed at a witness, isn’t it?

    Oh, and for the moral equivalency crowd — when it’s a Muslim pointing the gun at an “infidel,” he’s morally justified in pulling the trigger. The Christian, however, would not be. But hey, everyone’s right and wrong deserve equal air time, right?

      • I simply rephrased what the billboard says. If God doesn’t matter to the criminal, why should your life matter to him??? Are you hoping to appeal to his sense of mercy???

      • While I think that’s what the billboard is saying to begin with, John, it’s also eluding, I believe, to push people to believe more in God, so things like this wouldn’t happen.

        You know, the “if they only had God” idea.

        Except that’s absolute BS, too. Just because someone has God – or a version of – doesn’t mean they won’t shoot your behind dead anyway.

      • Sure it does. If someone believes there are consequences for their actions, then their actions are more likely to reflect that. Christians believe there are consequences for killing others, so I’m guessing the board was put up by Christians.

      • John

        BS; pure, absolute BS. Despite the fact that it’s obvious it was put up by Christians (check the bottom right hand side), the message is just the typical guilting BS put out by the Religious Right.

        Meanwhile, they’re just as corrupt as anyone else, sometimes more so. People will believe there are consequences for their actions or not regardless in their belief of a God or not. And it’d be great if everyone believed in the version of God these people are talking about, but they don’t. No one does. In the end, every person has a different view on who/what God is; not even Christians can agree on what or who God is in total.

        BTW, Christians aren’t the only ones who think there are consequences for killing others; to imply otherwise shows a distinct lack of human understanding and empathy, IMO.

      • Well, actually Keth, I’d never looked at the subtext on the billboard, which was offscreen when I wrote my last reply. Also, Genesis is a Jewish book, so technically you’d still have to follow the link to be sure.

      • And right now, you’re just trolling. While *technically* Genesis is a Jewish book, it’s also more known to be part of the Christian Bible and that’s the first thing most people think of, not that it’s Jewish.

        Now, care to address the rest of my post?

      • “People will believe there are consequences for their actions or not regardless in their belief of a God or not.”

        Oh really? What sort of consequences do they perceive, for killing someone, if they don’t believe in God?

      • … you CAN’T be for real…

        I’m going to end this convo now because you’ve just proven you’re being obtuse on purpose.

      • There are two answers.

        1) Simply human consequences like punishment, be it jail time or whatever.

        2) The godless, such as myself, tend to believe that in order to foster a positive society for all we each have to do our best to avoid sullying it with violence and selfish crimes that hurt others (lest they inspire others to do the same, in which case such crimes will swing back around and harm US). Think of it like Pay it Forward.

      • #1 = Kill the witness to avoid getting caught.
        #2 = Projects your good-natured optimism onto a guy holding a gun. I’m thinking you’re being overly generous.

      • Hi Keth

        Yeah, there does seem to be a strong belief among the religious right that the only way a person can behave morally is if they believe in god. I think that says more about their own general lack of moral compass than it does anything else. It’s as if they don’t believe they could behave decently or morally without the threat of eternal damnation, therefore they don’t believe anyone else can either.

      • Hey Mrs.

        And this is why I dislike the “Religious Right”. I agree it does say more about their own lack of morals than anything else. I feel sorry for them that they must feel guilt tripped/threatened into behaving good.

    • Although I’m not such a believer in God, I don’t believe right and wrong are arbitrary. Actually, I think right and wrong are Santa Claus’s preferences for how we behave. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, remember.

      I have to admit, if it wasn’t for Santa’s non-arbitrary standards for human behavior, along with His magic surveillance camera and His system of rewarding us or punishing us based on how closely we have adhered to His rules, I’d be up on that clocktower with a sniper rifle as well!

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