Another random thought

I think we all need to stop using the term “founding fathers” as though they had a single, unified idea for what was best, and that their profound disagreement wasn’t the reason the Constitution ended up working so well.


2 responses to “Another random thought

  1. Among other fine references, Akhil Reed Amar, “America’s Constitution”. The “founders” had lots of arguments, lots of rancor, lots of nonunanimity, lots of disagreement which never went away. Only 6 or 7 Original Colonies, really. The others pretty slow to get on board. But finally, all agreed on, at least, enough to form an uneasy union. Not a perfect one, as Sarah Palin and John Galt would have us believe, but a MORE perfect one than under the Articles of Confederation – one degree further TOWARD perfection.

    • Not perfect, but binding. Live by it, or change it lawfully. That was the intent of everyone who ratified it. Even the most “progressive” (what a vile oxymoron!) founders did not believe the federal government should be in individuals’ medical records, bank accounts, employment arrangements. All of that stupidity came later, and has never been added to the Constitution.

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