From some random Twitter account:

So Palin & crew are feeling unjustly blamed for the actions of an extremist. Maybe they can ask the Muslims for advice on how to deal w/ that.



4 responses to “QotD

  1. Maybe they’re feeling unjustly blamed because he isn’t their extremist at all (if he even is an extremist — personally I think he’s just a nut).

    Blaming “Palin & crew” for Laughner is looking more and more like blaming Buddhists for 9/11. Would you expect Palin to ask the Buddhists for advice on how to deal w/ that…?

    • What are the characteristics of a “nut?” Nurturing paranoid fantasies? Obsessive fears? Obsessive rage? Revenge fantasies? Inability to distinguish the true from the false? Who shares those characteristics?

      I’ve never seen a Buddhist with a Glock. I’ve never heard a Buddhist cry for blood. And my memory goes back a long way, because I DO remember when Buddhists calmly immolated themselves in Saigon to protest their corrupt, US-propped up government.

      • “What are the characteristics of a ‘nut?'”

        Well, I begin to get suspicious when the university tells you not to return without a psych eval, as happened with the shooter. Is that how you view the Tea Party too?

        And Loughner’s reading list — Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto — are those on the Tea Party book-of-the-month list?

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