This is getting stupid re: WikiLeaks

His bank account got frozen.

Twitter is censoring it from trending topics.

I don’t get this goddamn frenzy. It’s like Julian Assange is the greatest terrorist the world has ever known or something. He released a bunch of diplomatic cables, not secret plans for a nuclear warhead or top-level military plans. Yes, it was damaging on the political level, but not cataclysmic.

At this point, the story is less of “what he did” and more of “what’s happening now that he did it”. I’ve noticed a comically low number of stories that actually delve into what was in the documents. Odd, that.


2 responses to “This is getting stupid re: WikiLeaks

  1. I saw a comment to the effect that, for Americans, Wikileaks was sort of like finding your parents’ sex tape.

  2. There is a lot of news here in England about the files. Namely the Chinese Google hacking, North Korea’s failing relationship with China, Worry about Pakistani nukes, Saudi Arabia egging on the US to attack Iran, and obviously that the Americans think that the Prime Minister is an idiot (did I mention the idiot royal family members trade deal remarks…what a dolt)

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