Some fly-by observations

The only Senator who voted against the PATRIOT Act lost.

There are now 49 Democrats in the Senate, and there’s no guarantee Joe or Bernie will caucus left.

The Democrats suffered the worst loss in the House in 62 years. Even bigger than 1994.

Here in PA, we lost both the governorship and the Senate to Republicans.

Prop 19 failed.

My dog pooped on my bedroom floor.

I tell ya, I’m not even sure the Dems deserve another shot.


8 responses to “Some fly-by observations

  1. “I tell ya, I’m not even sure the Dems deserve another shot.” No kidding. Wimps or whatever.

    I take encouragement, though, from knowing that the Repubs got tossed on their asses in 2006 and 2008, a mere 4 and 2 short years ago. I think they need a better game plan than “NO”, or they’ll likely be looking at the egress again. And I’d bet they don’t have one. Other than making sure that whatever it is, the Kochs and Fux News approve.

  2. staying optimistic, at least there was more turnover this time around. I was never a fan of long standing”career” Congressmen/women regardless of their political party. I am a proponent of term limits in Congress, and until that happens the more turnover the better. Plus I am guessing the Tea Party people will try to move things too right, clash with moderate Republicans, and hopefully sabatoge Palin’s bid for the party nod.

    • Plus more openly LGBT candidates were elected to office than ever before.

    • You do make a good point. Maybe we’re going to see bigger and bigger turnovers year by year. The whole “institution” concept is a great flaw of the system.

      After all, isn’t the whole point of the House to be populated by “the people”? Senators are the career guys.

  3. Holey moley! I was watching “sobby Boehner” (with TV on mute) hoping to see whether tears would streak fake tan (they didn’t, he must use MUCH better product than I can afford), & my cat threw up all over the bed. Didn’t put 2 & 2 together until I read your post.

    I’m SO bloody glad I live in CA, even if I can’t smoke dope legally. A commentator from Mother Jones who was on FSTV last night said we’re ahead of the curve. We’ve already had our Tea Party and it didn’t work, so we moved on.

    • P.S. IMHO, way more important than how we voted on Prop. 19 is how we voted on the Prop. 23 (which would have suspended the law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions until unemployment dropped to 5.5% or lower for a full year). We trounced that one.

    • Yep, Dormi! I actually wrote a letter to the White House asking Obama to take another look at what happened in CA on election day. Dems got trounced, but not HERE, though. We still have the strength to stand up against the wingnuts – and there are 36 million of US in this state alone. So QUIT messing with those idiots over on the right and PLEASE do what you promised to do when you were elected! Forget inclusion. THEY don’t want compromise; WE refuse to give up our positions and cave in to the Teapublicans – so JUST DO IT. (OF course I said it all in a MUCH fancier and more respectful way, but leaving no doubt about what I meant.)

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