Local candidate uses random pictures of rockers in ad

What the hell?

On one side of the flier, [Jim] Daley states: “It’s a fact: Steve Franzen has made a living defending criminals charged with: child pornography, unlawful transactions with minors, custodial interference, assaults on police officers, drug trafficking, and the list goes on … Now he wants you to trust him to be your County Attorney? He’s gotta be kidding.”

The other side features images of members of all [Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour and Disturbed] taken from their publicity stills with the warning “On November 2 tell Steve Franzen you don’t trust someone who makes a living defending criminals to serve as your County Attorney.”

So are the bands the minors, the child porn, the druggies, or the cop assaulters? I don’t get it. Needless to say, the candidate in question had no idea who any of those people were, and the bands themselves weren’t asked about it beforehand.

In celebration of the whole kerfuffle, I might as well put up a video of a heavy metal band that I like. It’s even kinda political. So… enjoy.


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