A note on semantics

I usually refer to the country as “The United States” because I think it’s kinda arrogant to claim the title of an entire continent. I’ll say “American” because I haven’t found a good substitute; “United Stateser” is awkward, “Yankee” neglects the south, and I doubt “Kickassers” will catch on.


2 responses to “A note on semantics

  1. I think “American” probably works for the rest of the world, because nobody else, from Canada to Tierra del Fuego, would identify themselves as an “American”–or want to. But maybe it’s not so good for us in the US…does it inflate our sense of ourselves and reinforce our arrogance? Since such a majority of our citizens have supported inane policies (e.g., invasion of Iraq) and hold insane beliefs (e.g., that Obama has increased our taxes), why can’t we just call ourselves DFs? I’m sure u can figure out what that stands for. 🙂

    • LOL, I like that one.

      Maybe I’ll just refer to myself as “citizen of Earth”. Why adhere to arbitrary borders? Am I less bonded to someone a couple hundred miles away because they’re over the Canadian border than I am someone 2000 miles away in Arizona?

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