House passes bill to help 9/11 first responders…

…and 157 Republicans vote against the damn thing.

Republicans had complained the $7.4 billion price tag was too high, while Democrats said the government had an obligation to help the first responders to the deadliest terrorism attack in U.S. history.

Republicans blocked the bill in July after Democrats suspended the rules to stop the minority party from adding unrelated amendments. The move also meant the bill would require a two-thirds majority to pass, and Republicans used it to their advantage, holding the bill to 255 yes votes — far fewer than the 291 it needed to pass, though far more than it ordinarily would have needed.

That’s right. There in fact is a limit to how much we’re willing to help out the men and women who risked their lives to help their fellow citizens after the attack. And apparently the GOP also really, really wanted to throw unrelated shit in there, and the fact that they couldn’t meant it was time to block the bill.

I hope every Republican who voted against this gets their asses handed to them in the election, and that the vote shows up in every… single… ad.


6 responses to “House passes bill to help 9/11 first responders…

  1. I would hope something like this would also show people the Republicans don’t give a crap for anything good the present government can do. If it’s a Dem idea, or a good idea, or anything that sheds light on the good that can be done by a Dem House/Senate, they’ll vote against it. It shouldn’t *matter* how much this one cost. Those people risked their lives on 9/11.

    So much for the Republicans being “American”.

    • They’re MO is 100% opposition to the Democrats. No matter what.

      And the irony just hurts. After spending months saying there shouldn’t be an Islamic community center near ground zero, they vote against a bill to help the first responders. Insult them? No. Let them die? Yes.

      • I’m just surprised there isn’t more going on over this, that people aren’t absolutely freaking out and taking to the streets. For all that 9/11 is used as an excuse for everything – from war to spending to part of why things are so bad economically down there – you’d think something like this would get people going.

        It’s sad that it’s apparently not.

  2. This makes me ill.

  3. This makes me ill.

  4. Ultimate proof that the Republican agenda is rooted in fear and hatred, not the love of country, or of anything else.

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