In which Hanlon takes his own men to task

As I’ve said, I’m harder on members of my team, largely because my mode of thinking is that we don’t need dishonesty, we’ve got truth on our side and all that happy horseshit. Simply put, I hate dishonest ads by Democrats. It hurts the cause more than anything. Why? Because what happens is every lying ad turns into “another piece of the puzzle” for right-wingers who want to paint liberals as liars who’ll do anything just to get into office in order to take over our lives, etc.

So when Alan Grayson, a guy I’ve certainly promoted in the past for being awesome, puts out blatantly false ads… it just saddens me. And he’s done it more than once.

Webster’s positions on abortion and marriage, and his religious views, are certainly fair game. But Grayson crosses the line when he uses manipulated video to cast Webster’s views in a false light, just as he did when he concocted a false accusation that Webster had been a Vietnam draft dodger.

Seriously. Democrats should be able to simply fire off tons of invective concerning Republican policies, ideas, and past record in implementing them without resorting to absurd character attacks that are not only untrue but ridiculously easy to prove as such. You can’t take a clip of a guy saying “It’s not like I’m a rapist”, then show the part where he says “I’m a rapist” and use it in a goddamn attack at. Not only is it unethical, it’s not even doing it right. Karl Rove would piss himself laughing if one of his students brought that to his desk.

I’m not suggesting that Grayson work on his Atwater-style attack ads, either. Just saying that it’s a double whammy of failure, and one that leaves a big stain on the reputation of a man I otherwise respect. I’m willing to forgive a lot, but smear ads are a serious hot button of mine. Grayson, you’re officially on notice.


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