Random thought

I have a hard time understanding how a creationist can act incredulous that I believe in something as outlandish as evolution. And then tell me how shaky the physical evidence for it us.

This came about after a bit of pub debate with an acquaintance.


2 responses to “Random thought

  1. Wish I’d been fly on the wall at THAT debate! 😀

    • He’s a religious fella, and it all started with me telling him that evolution is “basically a fact”, to which he condescendingly rolled his eyes. He then spent the next few minutes giving a few weak talking points he probably snagged out of an Answers in Genesis pamphlet (centered mostly around a misstep or two in evolutionary research), and then acted as though creationism was such a logical and intellectually satisfying answer.

      Also he claimed there were “600 eyewitnesses” to the ascension of Jesus Christ. At that point I just nodded and went over to play on the touchscreen card game thing.

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