Well THAT’s not exactly subtle.

I forgot to post this before. I was at a Books-A-Million in Jacksonville, NC, looking for an audiobook to listen to on the trip home, and I happened to spy this. Is it just me, or is this making a subtle comment?

Apparently the Bible goes under \"Fiction\" at Books-A-Million.
(click for larger image)

Apparently at Books-A-Million, the Bible goes under “fiction”.


9 responses to “Well THAT’s not exactly subtle.

  1. Mythprogrammer

    awesome 🙂

  2. good.

  3. funny! thanks for sharing.


  4. The crazy thing, it’s North Carolina. That’s practically Bible Belt.

  5. more like fantasy

  6. My first reaction is to wonder if they’ve received any complaints on the display.

  7. spot on

  8. I guess “Religious Works on CD” would be too small of a niche.

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