Liberals read more than conservatives

Liberal. I am, and so are you.As Stephen Colbert once said, reality has a well known liberal bias. A poll came out concerning reading habits and, unsurprisingly, libs are more well-read than their righty counterparts.

The AP-Ipsos poll found 22 percent of liberals and moderates said they had not read a book within the past year, compared with 34 percent of conservatives.

Among those who had read at least one book, liberals typically read nine books in the year, with half reading more than that and half less. Conservatives typically read eight, moderates five.

Sounds good to me. How many have you read in the past year? For me, it’s twelve. Sadly, only one wasn’t typical liberal fair along the lines of Al Franken or Sam Harris.

The explanation amuses me as well, asserting that the left consists of “policy wonks” who look at issues in terms of paragraphs instead of sound bites. Basically, we care about understanding the issues deeply as opposed to people who enjoy sound bites like “no new taxes” or “abortion is murder”. I’ve said for a while that one of our problems is that “I agree that Saddam was a terrible dictator but there are far worse elsewhere and besides if we’re interested in humanitarian efforts Darfur makes more sense” is a bad bumper sticker.

I know that a few people are going to pounce upon the fact that moderates read less and conservatives are nearly the same as liberals, but on the first point I think anyone who claims moderate status is generally someone who isn’t particularly engaged in the world around them. On the second, keep in mind that nearly 80% of liberals average nine books a year, but barely two-thirds of conservatives are hitting the eight mark.


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